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ISSN 1844 – 2021

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Cultural Studies

Péter Gaál-Szabó  Plessy v Ferguson: the Court’s Social Darwinist Motives and the Repercussions
Călin D. Lupiţu  Labyrinths of the Uncanny – A Study of Urban Minotaurs
Ana Olos  George Elliott Clarke’s TRUDEAU
Julianna Borbély  A “Light and Bright and Sparkling” Adaptation (1940)
Pop Titus  The British Countercultural Movement and the Messages of Protest in “Rock Poetry”
Borbála Bökös  Intermedial Thematizations and Imitations in Paul Auster’s The Book of Illusions
Giulia Suciu  Feminism and Gender In/equality in Romania
Delia-Maria Radu  Expressing Relationships through Food in Rohinton Mistry’s A Fine Balance
Silviana Secara  Women in Ads. Visual Representation of the Female Body